7 Ways To Accelerate Your Healthcare Recruiting

7 Ways To Accelerate Your Healthcare Recruiting

The Nursing shortage is the most publicized shortage in healthcare all over the world. Because there are so many problems and obstacles in the path of the healthcare recruiting teams to recruit new employees for specialized and unspecialized roles. 

  • Highly specialized roles:

 In the highly specialized category, there are Nurses, doctors, physicians, physical therapists, etc. There are too many well-paid employees in an organization.

There are some difficulties to recruit them because they should be highly educated, well experienced and should have great expertise in their field and to get them you can visit here for leading hospital recruitment agencies.

  • Unspecialized roles:

 In this category, there are home health aides, physical therapist aides, etc. They are relatively in lower positions and not so well paid. There are also some barriers to recruiting such employees because in this role the payment is very low and the candidates have a range of options for the job

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to accelerate your healthcare recruitment for highly specialized and low specialized roles, in the following points.

1. Put ( some) Sourcing On Autopilot:

According to the Healthcare Recruiting Network or HRN, most of the healthcare candidates (90%) said, ” Employer brand is an essential recruiting resource. “

Setting apart your hospital from other hospitals is very important. It helps to build interest in the candidates to be an employee of your hospital. With the help of this, you do not need any manual outreach for recruiting.

Actually you are not alone in this field. According to a publication we came to know that 66% of hospitals assign more resources toward submissive candidate recruiting. Below we shall discuss how you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Allocate the budget specifically for employer branding: 

Only 43% of healthcare providers have a specified budget for their employer brand, according to the Healthcare Recruiting Network (HRN). Assigning a budget for the branding initiatives helps you to get their priority and sincerity to you and your hospital. 

Audit what your competitors are doing:

It’s sure that you do not want to put a budget on employer branding just because you find out a local competitor has done the same thing. Supervising a competitive employer brand audit can help to get to know what your competitors are doing. So with the help of this, you can easily differentiate your brand from others.

2. Think Creatively About Untapped Channels:

You need to be creative and think creatively about Untapped channels to fill the fast-growing and hard-to-fill roles or you can also visit here for leading hospital recruitment agencies.

  • Leverage referrals: 

Till now referrals are one of the best sources of good hires in any profession. The structured referral program is called robust. It helps to build a strong pipeline of highly educated candidates. So go and visit here for leading hospital recruitment agencies.

  • Host professional seminars: 

You should work with nursing and other professional associations so that you can put on public seminars. It helps to frequently recruit active, engaged attendees.

For unspecialized roles, you have tough competition with every other local recruiter. The retail and services industries’ tactics are also applicable here. 

  • Leverage referrals: 

Referrals are the most useful method to get a job or to get hired for a job. It works not just for the highly specialized but also for unspecialized roles.

  • Partner with volunteers group: 

The members of different volunteer groups help to make a life-changing impact by making home health aides or physical therapist aides.

3. Allow Hiring process Flexibility:

Nursing schedules are mostly hectic. You can schedule this with your phone. To schedule your phone, you need to line up the schedule of your recruiters to the nurse candidates who are possibly employed elsewhere.

Video interviews can give you the experience at the beginning of the hiring process. With the help of this, you can focus on the comparatively better candidates and be able to give them a high-touch experience.

4. Ask Questions That Assess Soft Skills:

Soft skills are censorious in the healthcare industry. Use the detectable and structural questions to get an accurate assessment of soft skills. Just like, why the best healthcare professionals are the best.

You can also use these strong questions in a video interview to judge the skills of the candidates at the beginning or can visit here for leading hospital recruitment agencies. It helps to identify the best candidate among all. 

5. Get The Team And Group Interviews:

Line up hiring schedules of managers with those of already employed candidates are a little bit difficult and much more time-consuming. This is mostly true in the case of nursing. 

Healthcare recruitment will only get more competitive while the demand for all skill levels increases for professionals like doctors, nurses, and qualified physicians.

6. Invest In Recruiting Software:

You can get relief from such recruiting pains as high cost per hire or time-to-hire, or limited access to diverse candidates, just by using a good applicant tracking system.

With workable, you can build up a referral system with which you can involve your employees in your hiring process. This way you can track more new candidates fast and easy or you can also visit here for leading hospital recruitment agencies.

7. Offer Smart Benefits:

The Most asked question in this field is, if you are recruiting for a competitive market what do you need? The answer is the competitive benefits. You have to create an attractive benefits package that not only helps to bring new candidates to you but also makes them stay.


If you sincerely follow these tips you will definitely be fruitful and you may even boost retention rates. And for getting more help you can visit here for leading hospital recruitment agencies.

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