7 Least Visited Countries In The World, And Why

7 Least Visited Countries In The World, And Why

You always read and learn about the most visited countries in the world through electronic media and social media. But there are some off the beaten paths which worth your time and money.

These places are unexplored yet beautiful and you can get cheap air tickets to these places because of their fewer visitor’s value. These places and countries are located in the remote corners of the world though with limited space and infrastructure but more of natural magical beauty.

Merely some thousands of visitors visit these places every year. This very reason is precisely and exactly the one which makes these places more desirable.

This time we have aligned and put up some least places in the world with the reasons why most people do not go there, and why you should pick them for your next plan. Turkish airline flight booking is radially available for some least visited countries of the world. So, you can reach these places easily with Turkish Airlines.

1. Dominica

Dominica is a former British colony and there is not much information you can find about this place. This is the reason that this is one of the least visited places on earth.

This beautiful country is truly a heaven on earth which is blessed with natural beauty like waterfalls, historical places and most incredibly the boiling lakes.

Many scenes of the very famous movie The Pirates of the Caribbean are filmed at this isolated place. The country itself has a history of sea pirates and this is the reason why some of the parts of that famous movie are films there.

It is among the smallest countries in the world and unique in nature and one of a kind abut the natural beauty.

It has very unique rocky landscapes and this makes it an adventure land. There are some active volcanos but there is nothing to worry about because they do not erupt.

Dominica has UNESCO registered park (Morne Trois Pitons National Park) in which the water comes from the boiling lakes.

Many people via Turkish airlines get online booking from Istanbul to Dominica for weekend trips with their families to inhale and get closer to nature. This place is not a rushed one and you can very well enjoy with your family with complete peace of mind.

2. Guinea

Guinea just like conge is more than one on earth. The Guinea which we discuss here is also often known as Conakry because the capital of this country has the same name.

This place sometime is associated with the words “Blood Diamond” and it is the same place that inspired a very famous movie with the same name as Blood Diamond. The capital of Guinea, Conakry is the wettest capital in the world.

The country is very poor and things are very cheap there. So, you can easily get cheap air tickets for this destination. Guinea is one of those only remaining countries which still possess one of the very last tropical forests. As the country is tropical you can easily find many beautiful waterfalls there. The Fouta Djallon Plateau is very famous for that.

3. Liberia

Liberia is also one of the least visited countries in the world which has some worthy natural sights and tourism activities potential. There are many unexplored long stretches of beaches and many tropical forests.

Robertsport is the place to go to enjoy the true nature and unexplored places with fantastic beaches and waterfalls. The night entertainment with a bonfire at the beach while Hipco Music is on the go is just fascinating.

4. Comoros

Comoros is yet another place that is lost in the very large oceans between Madagascar and Africa. It is located new Seychelles and by far it is one of the least visited places on earth. There are four main islands which offer everything you can expect. From thick rainforests to sandy beaches.

The world’s largest active volcano Mt Karthala is there which erupts regularly and makes the place more adventures and natural. This active volcano is the reason that this place is the least visited.

5. The Solomon Islands

The Solomon island is a little group of islands which are located in the north-west of Australia. It is among the relics of World War II. The place is truly a natural beauty. Gizo is a place for you to visit there it has many tourism adventures potential. The only reason people usually do not go there in the distance.

6. Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan also is among the least traveled places on earth due to its political issues. The most famous sight of the country is directly and affectedly related to its wealth: Darvaza Carter. This escapes natural gas and also referred to as door to hell. This sound somewhat fearing but actually, it is one of the most incredible natural phenomena on earth.

7. Tuvalu

Tuvalu is also among the relics of WWII which was discovered accidentally by an airship. It is one of the least but one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. It is nearest to Fiji and due to very fewer flights, a little number of visitors reach the destination.

You can find cheap air tickets to this place because of the same reason. The beauty of this place is in its natural beaches without any footprints and wild palm trees.

There are many more isolated and less-visited destinations but these are the places with the best natural beauty and natural environment peace which you must visit for once.

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