6 Rules To Create Winning Teams In Dream11

6 Rules To Create Winning Teams In Dream11

With growing interest in fantasy cricket among the cricket fans, Dream11 has become a tough space to win major leagues compared to how they were earlier.

In order to stand out from the competition, you need to follow a few basic tips which will come in handy while playing the cash contests in Dream11.

Tips to create winning teams

1. Choose your matches wisely

We know how addictive Dream11 can be. However, one must be careful while playing the cash contests here and must choose their match wisely before entering the contest. You must know about the match, the conditions, at the least, the form of the players in the team.

2. Research

Even though you know about the players and the match, you need more to win the bigger leagues. You need to know about the conditions, whether the pitch supports batsmen or bowlers more, the record of the players at the particular venue, the record of the player against the particular player in the opposition and so on.

If you don’t find the right time to do all this research, you can either follow different portals who offer the services and also there are different Telegram channels that provide teams and tips for the particular match.

3. Creating your team

While creating your team, you should keep in mind that Fantasy cricket team or fantasy playing eleven is not about creating a team with “balance” instead it is about picking the players who can grab us more points.

At times, one might succeed even by going in with just three bowlers while at times, you might have to go with six bowlers. You can follow the different website and social groups for better update. For cricket, you can follow Kheltalk that provides cricket related news and tips for fantasy apps.

4. Captain and Vice-Captain

You might have picked the perfect team but still, you might end up losing the game because of your captain and vice-captain selection.

Since your captain and vice-captain will fetch 2x and 1.5x points more than regular players, one must be very careful in picking them.

One must keep in mind that the captain and vice-captain should not necessarily be the marquee players in the team.

At times, the rookie players can help you fetch more points. Also, make sure to have the all-rounders as the captain because they can fetch us points from both fronts.

5. Taking risks

In the Grand Leagues, there are a lot of chances that your opponent might come up with a team similar to yours.

So, to stand-out among the crowd, one must opt for two or three lesser-known players in the team who can perform decently. While it is always good to go with the safety team, it is also important to have one or two risky teams that can turn fruitful.

6. Don’t invest all your money in same league

Since there is cash involved, you should be very careful while picking your contest. Instead of investing all your money in the same contest, make sure to invest them in different leagues. By this way, you might not end up losing all your money.

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