5 Ways to Choose Perfect Matching Wedding Ring Sets

5 Ways to Choose Perfect Matching Wedding Ring Sets

The fondness for matching wedding ring sets has grown remarkably amongst imminent couples over time.

That is all due to the dynamic styles and vogues which have emerged these days.

So, before you tie your knot, here are five practical tips for purchasing a set of matched wedding rings impeccably. 

1. Consider Metal Options

One of the critical factors to consider while purchasing matching ‘his-and-her’ wedding rings is metal choice. In this context, both platinum and gold can be fabulous options.

The latter is much softer, so alloy gold wedding bands can be selected as a more plausible alternative.

The 14K gold wedding rings are the best as they consist of 58% pure gold. On the other end, platinum symbolizes a good deal of elegance and desirability. Platinum is comprised of 95-98% of gold. 

2. Cheaper Options

Platinum is quite expensive, while titanium and tungsten are much cheaper options.

Ironically, some leading stores sell platinum matched wedding bands at a much more affordable price range again; if budget and durability are your concern, tungsten and titanium win over platinum and gold. 

3. Don’t Miss Out On the Wedding Band

A pair of impeccably matched wedding ring bands form a crucial part of your’ his and her wedding ring’ purchase. You’re free to opt for either a band with 14K platinum or gold.

The gold bands are again available in several hues, from rose gold, white to that yellow.

Conversely, platinum wedding bands are merely available in two shades, i.e., radiantly white and shimmering silver. You can also opt for a custom-made finish for your wedding ring if you wish. 

4. Finish Options

You’re free to choose from a pampering range of finish options. These chiefly include brushed hammer, hammer, scratched, touched, and even a polished finish.

Believe it or not, but a custom product is appropriate for both a modern and traditional couple alike. 

5. Go for the Most Attractive Color Option

A pair of dazzling matching diamond wedding bands is constrained to limited colour options. So, the most acceptable alternative to this would be a pair of 14K gold wedding bands.

These products are available in rose gold, white, and traditional yellow. If you are the groom, then the choices are even more diverse.

This allows you to choose from a varied selection of tungsten wedding bands. These wedding bands are again integrated with resplendent interiors and inlays. 

6. Who Can Opt For Vibrant Tungsten Wedding Bands?

Well, brightly colored tungsten wedding bands are not meant for every couple out there. Couples looking for wedding bands with similar styles yet which aren’t matching can undoubtedly buy these products. 

7. Prominent Examples of His and Hers Wedding Band Pairing 

There are plenty of ways adhering to which a perfect wedding band matching can get created. Amongst these, a fantastic strategy is to order rings in the same color, style, and metal.

They would only vary in one particular feature, i.e., in width. Another superb option is to customize each of the rings by adding your personal touch. 

8. Add Your Personal Touch

Want that your wedding bands will appear optimally similar yet unique in their way?

Then, the best option would be to add your customized touch to it. Outlined below are some unique his and her wedding band combinations for you to choose from. 

  • Women’s platinum classic band in 2mm+Men’s platinum knife edge band in 6mm 
  • Women’s 14K flat 2mm in yellow Men’s tungsten flat gold center in 6mm and  
  • Women’s 14K gold classic 2mm in rose gold +Men’s tungsten band is 6mm with a mind-boggling rose interior color

A customized engraving would add that oomph of elegance to your matched wedding band rings.

Factually, engraving can only be done on the most precious metals ever. A perfect instance would be a pair of 14K platinum or gold wedding rings in widths of 2mm or more. 

9. A Combo of Old and New

How about, if your matching diamond wedding rings are a perfect combination of a traditional and contemporary style?

Well, it may happen that both of you got a pair of conventional matching rings from an acquaintance. So, finding a compatible style following that can be quite tricky.

So, the best solution would be to select a matching vintage or plain wedding band. Accordingly, integrate it in the same metal to attain that impeccable pairing. 

Final Thoughts!

So, before your big day arrives, it’s always feasible to find a pair of captivating matching wedding ring sets.

Again, completing the same task is not as easy as it may seem. Hopefully, by executing the five tips given above, you, too, can find the perfect matching wedding ring sets for you.

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