5 Smart Goals for IT, HR Cross-Departmental Work

5 Smart Goals for IT, HR Cross-Departmental Work

Human resources (HR) and information technology (IT) remain critical departments for any business. HR focuses on helping employees and customers, while IT focuses on utilizing technology to help people.

You may want them to work together, so make sure to think of critical points, so your departments can develop smart goals and work together.

Improve Their Communication

As they start to work together, they must begin by creating a goal based on communication. Communication allows departments to understand each other and find ways to overcome their problems. If they don’t know how to communicate, they’ll overlook details, run into problems and even cause each other to fall behind.

They should start by deciding how they’ll communicate with each department. For example, they can email each other and hold a meeting every week.

It comes down to figuring out what works best for your departments, so let them work out the details. That way, they can remain in contact and address their other goals to help them succeed and grow.

Identify the Best Services Available

When your departments talk with each other, they need to understand the services available to them. For example, HR may have certain technology they can take advantage of while IT has different technology. From there, they can discuss the details and the employees available to figure out how they can utilize the services.

If they don’t have enough people to work with them, they need to seek out IT as a service to get more people to help them out. As they understand what services they can work with, they can build their goals around those concepts, figure out what goals they can set, and ensure they can meet all their goals.

Focus on Helping Each Other

When they form goals, they shouldn’t focus on what they need to succeed. Instead, they should figure out what goals they can set to help each other succeed and tackle their various responsibilities.

For example, if HR runs into any problems IT can solve, they should send those people to IT. IT can do the same when they come across HR issues.

After all, each department offers different skills and benefits to cover each other and help out. Make sure their goals consider these skills, so they can gear their ideas towards succeeding and working together. They can even tackle different responsibilities and share tasks if they feel it’ll benefit the company.

Make the Customers Happy

Since both HR and IT need to interact with others and help customers, they must focus on customer satisfaction. As they set their own goals, make sure you encourage them to incorporate customers into those goals.

Doing so will help the departments focus on what matters most and ensure they keep the customers happy with the business.

Each goal they set needs to go back to the customers and how they can benefit them. For example, improving communication makes them more organized, so the customers don’t get as stressed out whenever they need help from either department. That way, your business retains more customers and makes money through HR and IT’s goals.

Establish a Clear Budget

While IT and HR need to work together, they need to remain realistic throughout their goal-setting process. For example, they may want to tackle certain tasks, but they may not have the option to if they don’t have the budget for it.

From there, they can figure out how to budget the money to make sure they complete the goals they need to set.

Based on the situation, the two departments can push for a larger budget in the corresponding departments to help each other with their goals. Also, if they don’t know how much money they can work with during their goals, they’ll find it difficult to accomplish any of them.


Forming ideal smart goals for your IT and HR crossover requires planning and thinking about what each department needs. Doing so will help them work together and determine the best goals for their situations.

Make sure they understand which points they must remember as they set their goals, so they focus on the right ideas and do what they must to succeed.

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