5 Action-packed Activities to Do in Ireland With Your Kids (Big and Small)

5 Action-packed Activities to Do in Ireland With Your Kids (Big and Small)

Getting around Ireland for a family day out?

We’d like to share a few activities every family should be including in their to-do list in order to max out the real fun!

For a small nation, Ireland is surprisingly one of the most influential countries in the world. Not only does the country boast for its Celtic culture, lush green views, and world-class literature, but it also serves as a great place for family day outs as it offers jam-packed exciting activities with accessible hotels and family rooms away from home.

Seriously, there is no shortage of things to do in Ireland but in case the time is too short for you to experience all of these crazy activities, we decided to round them up and give you a shortlist of the most exciting action-packed and family-friendly activities to do on your day out.

Canoeing Adventure

Have you ever tried paddling in the peaceful waters of the River Barrow? Well, your kids could be missing out a very exciting part of their childhood if they’ve never tried a canoeing adventure before.

Go With the Flow is a water-based safari that offers an out-of-this-world river adventure, cruising the exceptionally beautiful river trails of County Carlow.

By paddling across the river, you get to witness the dramatic lush green landscapes and wooded valleys, surrounding the static waters of the river. Your paddling trip may also include picnic stops and swimming opportunities in the sheltered pools that this river has to offer.

No need to worry about safety that much because kids of all ages are welcome to try this adventure out. Plus, Barrow is one of the safest rivers in the country.

Inflatable Waterpark

Dublin may not be the first place you think of when it comes to inflatable water park adventures but the company, Harbour Splash Water Parks, is making sure every family enjoys the hot summer with their ultimate inflatable park to open from the 1st of May till the end of September 2020.

Something to look up for is an obstacle course over water which includes climbing frames, trampolines, monkey bars, barges, and more. Bring your kids, anyone from age 6 and upwards.

Mini-Golfing in a Rainforest

This activity is ideal for young children who will enjoy a mini-golfing experience in the rainforest. Although the rainforest is not a real forest, the level of excitement is almost the same thing children feel in a real, mysterious jungle environment as the rainforest adventure features its Aztec and Mayan-themed hole courses.

You can play a 45-minute course where you can enjoy pizza, coffee, and ice cream from Canopy Cafe in between courses. Visit this family-friendly golf course at Dundrum Town Centre in South Dublin.

Kart Racing at Kiltorcan Raceway

Kart racing is something your big boys can totally crash at Kiltorcan Raceway, located in County Kilkenny. The raceway offers an exhilarating kart race adventure in a fun and friendly venue where kids can race individually, as a group (family), or a team.

The only rule you should be taking note is that all kids must be older than 10 and taller than 110 cm. You can book a course from 15 minutes up to multiple hours. Just make sure to ring them in advance.

Dingle Horseriding

This activity is perfect for a different type of exploring. In case family hiking sounds a little overrated to you, you can ditch it for horseriding and enjoy the gift of nature from another point of view.

Dingle Horseriding is one mile outside County Kerry, where full-day treks of horseriding will allow your kids to witness the overlooking beauty of Dingle Peninsula. From one-hour to whole-day treks, horseriding guides will be able to accommodate the whole family. You can also explore Private limousine daily tour in Vietnam.

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